Weekly Digest – 5 July 2023

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New Zealanders face rising living costs with many changes kicking in from 1 July

Several tax cuts and subsidies have ended in New Zealand from 1 July, including the end of the fuel-tax discount and half-price public transport for those over 25. New Zealand Post is raising prices, alcohol excise tax rates are increasing by 6.6%, and the cost of takeaways is expected to rise due to the ban of single-use produce bags, plates, cutlery, and straws. What you need to know.

Government moves forward on coal technology restrictions

The NZ government is following through on a promised ban on new coal boilers, and phasing out existing ones by 2037. Other changes announced include new standards requiring councils to factor in climate change in decisions about consents for furnaces that burn fossil fuels.

Science roadmap signed with China

The New Zealand and Chinese governments have signed a Science and Innovation Roadmap to strengthen their relationship and collaboration in science and innovation. The Roadmap will focus on areas such as health, food safety, and the environment, and will involve joint research, exchanges, and other activities.

New analysis shows 110,000 households unable to afford to heat their homes

A new analysis by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has revealed that over 110,000 households in New Zealand are unable to afford to heat their homes.

Govt backs bid to make food from microalgae

The Government is backing investigations into a potential new food industry for New Zealand – based on protein-rich, carbon-absorbing native microalgae. Oceans and Fisheries Minister Rachel Brooking has announced funding to help scientists and businesses look at which of hundreds of strains of microalgae might be suitable for including in foods like protein bars and shakes.

Embracing the AI Revolution in New Zealand Schools: A Make-or-Break Decision for Education’s Future

As the AI revolution unfolds, digital literacy becomes more important than ever. It poses a crucial question to New Zealand schools: Will we embrace AI or shy away from it?

Zespri signs China trade deal to grow fruit exports by 50%

Zespri to sign a strategic cooperation agreement to increase fruit sales in China by 50% over the next three years.

Opinion split on whether ‘Matariki’ should be protected by legislation

Debate has begun over whether the term ‘Matariki’ should be protected under legislation, in order to guard the Māori new year against commercialisation.

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